The Stop Bullying Musicians / FLASHLIGHT2013 campaign with Dr. George Clinton and others.

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Human Rights Advocate, Business Development, Consulting,  Technology and Social Media Management.

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​“Phil is an absolute professional. Flexible, hard working and driven. ​His results were great and we highly recommend his services.”
- BLF, via, 27 Sept. 2014

"Phil is terrific - enthusiastic, easy to work with, and responsive. And the guy can sell - I mean he can really sell!”
- OMP, via,15 Dec. 2014

“ Phil has boundless enthusiasm and always applies 100% effort to all he does. Phil researched the US market for iSeeTV, created all the partnership and sales opportunities and was key to our success in launching in the USA. The USA became our best market by far, and I know that we would never have broken into that extremely tough market without Phil. His combination of broad based business knowledge, willingness to learn, team spirit and superb networking skills is very rare and extremely valuable. Always positive, he was a joy to work with. I thoroughly recommend him.”
- Glyn Radcliffe-Brine , Media Logic iSeeTV, United Kingdom

#STOPVIOLENCEAGAINSTWOMEN Step 1 - Found out a friend is an abuser of womenStep 2- Just Unfriended himStep 3 - Kick his ass next time I see him

Posted by Philip J Cenedella on Wednesday, March 25, 2015